Saturday, 25 September 2010

As promised more on the newly formed Merseyside Patriot Group

Last Thursday 23rd Sept from all parts of Merseyside Nationalist activists and non activists alike met up for a meeting to discuss the way forward for Nationalism on Merseyside. The discussions were wide ranging and varied. All topics were covered in a mature and sensible way.

Some of the life long friends and patriots from Merseyside attending the meeting.

Merseyside BNP Organisers past and present.

Don't complain about the buffet. If you do face the consequences!

During the evening the Michael Sheil award was presented to Michael McDermott who was voted Merseyside BNP activist of the year by his Merseyside peers. This was quite an easy one to decide as Mike put in a massive effort into Sefton during the local and General elections which resulted in eleven local candidates standing and Charles Stewart standing in the Bootle Parliamentary seat.

The meeting expressed a desire to meet on a regular basis with the committee voting for a group organiser, deputy organiser, secretary, a treasurer who was a very popular choice and unanimously voted on and new group merchandiser.

Onwards and upwards for the newly formed Merseyside Independent Nationalist Patriot group.

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