Friday, 17 September 2010

LIVERPOOL BNP.. Bring our boys home campaign.

War hero and TRUE Liverpool and British Patriot Steven Greenhalgh.

Today early Saturday morning the 18Th September four teams of two including Steven Greenhalgh who served for over twenty three years in the British army and was decorated seven times were out in Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley, handing out BNP literature to commuters and the General public. The response was excellent with the public now saying that its time we now withdraw our soldiers from Afghanistan, in fact the time is long overdue.

Ex staff Sergeant Steven Greenhalgh commented that he has regular conversations with serving soldiers with ranks ranging from Privates to Majors, even retired RAF wing commanders all of who tell him that this conflict is futile and can never be won. Steven Greenhalgh further commented that its about time this British Government stopped sending our British men and women to their deaths in this needless and unnecessary conflict. Many indeed come back without arms, legs and other injuries that will stay with these armed forces personnel all their lives.

He further states that he would like to know the current figure of whether any MP's in Parliament have any children serving out there. He very much doubts it.

The REAL Liverpool BNP will be out again every Saturday for the next few weeks in Liverpool, Sefton and Knowsley delivering and spreading our message to bring our boys home NOW!

Always a stickler for being smart and dressed for the occasion Steven Greenhalgh states that there will also be an extensive leafleting effort made for the forthcoming Croxteth By Election in November. Steven will be working closely with John one of our top Nationalist men in Merseyside getting ready for the big campaign push.

Dressed impeccably always for the occasion outside Bootle New Strand shopping centre.

Unfortunately some do not make the effort and cannot be taken seriously judging by this picture and are an embarrassment to the cause. The face has been cropped to not shame the guilty.


The corrupted deeply flawed recent BNP leadership election has come and gone. First and foremost this site supports BNP reform and supports British Nationalism. It does not support Nick Griffin's version of Nationalism.

Regardless of whether this campaign is a money-making scam or not for the party and Nick Griffin, vehement opposition to the Afghan war is absolutely the right thing, as a matter of principle for the BNP, this war is obscene. It is only right that the Liverpool BNP Reformers group support this campaign alongside other BNP Nick Griffin supporting Nationalists who seem to sycophantically and blindly follow Nick Griffin, regardless of the consequences to our party.

The reformers are not for turning.

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