Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Time to fund the frontline!

We were all lead to believe that the British National Party was a political party and that we intended to win at the ballot box and bring change democratically. For many years that was happening at a local level however since Jim Dowson joined the scene it has changed from that to doing whatever we can to get money for HQ. Even when the local groups and branches raised money our accounts were plundered and raided by HQ to cover their own incompetence.

This needs to be changed immediately, instead of local groups paying HQ the local groups should be getting funding from HQ with printers, software, leaflets etc... to ensure that we can run effective and proper campaigns. Was it really appropriate that all local groups had to raise every nearly every penny spent in the General Election? Local groups should have been supported by HQ, however their own mismanagement meant that there was no support or assistance.

If it was not down to the hard work of the local members and activists in rallying together to raise the funds needed locally then there would have been virtually no General Election campaign. We would have been a laughing stock of British politics, so just remember it wasn’t Nick Griffin who has got us this far it was you the normal and ordinary members and activists who have put blood, sweat and shoe leather into dragging this party forward.

Now however the members have a chance to say enough is enough and get change, as there is a leadership election by Eddy Butler who will ensure that funding is put on the frontline to local groups and branches so that we can run effective campaigns. No longer would your hard earned funds be plundered and looted by HQ to cover their own faults.

If you want change then vote Eddy Butler – Nick Cass 2010!

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