Saturday, 17 July 2010

Time for reflection

Being involved in Nationalist politics can sometimes be a brutal business, observing unfolding events on Merseyside over the last few months since the May elections makes me think no different. The British National Party is first and foremost a political party, some say it's a political movement, but at the end of the day it still comes down to being politics through the ballot box.

Its been well documented that there is a split in the Liverpool BNP team as regards nationalist direction at the moment, which in turn has resulted in the BNP suspensions of fine long serving activists Peter Stafford Jnr, Antony Ward and Peter Squire. The three suspended fully support the reform changes that are necessary and after talking to the three of them they feel that their support for the Eddy Butler leadership challenge is linked to their suspensions from the party, which is very disappointing.

This Merseyside BNP blog supports freedom of speech and "transparent democracy" and is certainly supporting Eddy Butler in his leadership challenge bid to take the party forward, just as Nick Griffin did before he was elected as MEP and was then thrust into European politics. Since the election of Nick Griffin as MEP there has developed a massive void or vacuum in the party as Branches and groups all over the country are devoid of their leader and Chairman turning up to their monthly meetings. Other factors also have seen the Party itself lose its cutting edge and certainly lose its appeal to the voters, this is also why the party needs a thorough revamp and the revamp must start from the top.

This site would also like to wish the new organising team for Liverpool BNP all the best (though a Liverpool Organiser living in Wales is a bit of strange one) and we do mean that as it certainly is a juggling act, which has to be performed with tact, diplomacy and consideration to other people who are after all on the same side.

Factionalism is bad but please bare it in mind that having an alternative opinion is healthy and not a crime, we are not drones or robot's we are free thinkers. Sometimes because of these internal disagreements that always occur from time to time one can lose the sight of where we are now and where we have to go for the future.

The events of Thursday just gone have been covered elsewhere on the Internet. I know the Organiser of that particular meeting came to Liverpool hoping to unite the Liverpool BNP team, but has in fact now made things worse. Other than that I do not want to revisit that evening again here, however we now have to move on and move on we shall.