Sunday, 11 July 2010

Michael Barnbrook supports leadership challenge

As far as impeccable credentials go it cannot get much better for Eddy Butler than having a retired police inspector of 38 years supporting Eddy Butlers leadership bid. Michael Barnbrook the BNP's own sleaze buster has come out to encourage every voting member in the party to sign Eddy Butler's nomination form.

He further goes on to state "The telephone calls I have received, the setting up of the nasty blog and rumours that members have been refused entry to meetings because they are supporting Eddy Butler's nomination is no more than blatant intimidation. It appears that we can fight for freedom of speech and freedom of expression, so long as it doesn't extend to a leadership challenge in the British National Party. The efforts to stop Eddy Butler from getting the necessary nominations is giving me cause for concern. It is for this reason that I intend to follow the lead of Richard Edmonds and support Eddy Butler in his challenge. I would urge every member of the party, whether they support Nick or Eddy, who believes in the democratic process, to do the same"

As recently as February just gone a group of Liverpool activists went down to Barking where the Chairman Nick Griffin was standing in the Parliamentary election, to help him campaigning there. The then Liverpool Organiser Peter Squire had the honour and privilege of bumping into Michael Barnbrook (both pictured above).

The British National Party is supposed to be the beacon for democracy that every other political party is supposed to follow, so we say in this party. Voting BNP members who qualify to sign Eddy Butler's nomination form please sign. There is no middle ground, we are either the model of democracy and free speech or are a bunch of hypocrites no better than the other traitorous political parties. Now is the time to start practising what we preach!