Friday, 23 July 2010

All roads lead to Yorkshire

Ten Liverpool BNP activists in two cars last night all travelled to Yorkshire to see the latest leg of the Eddy Butler leadership election road show. One thing no one can say about Eddy Butler is is that he's not putting in the mileage travelling the length and breadth of Britain promoting his campaign.

One and a half hours up the M62 we eventually arrived at our destination. As we pulled into the venue car park and were getting out of the car Eddy Butler and his friends also arrived at the same time, which surely must have been a much longer journey for them travelling from London than us travelling from Liverpool.

The first thing that struck us all was how many people had already arrived and were waiting before we got there. The meeting proper chaired by Nick Cass started properly at about quarter to eight. For anyone who has never met Nick Cass before he is an absolute Giant of a man in stature and personality who must be about six foot five inches tall. He opened the meeting with a fifteen minute introduction on why he thinks a change in our leadership is urgent and necessary, whilst stating that Nick has done great things for the party but that we have now become stale under his leadership. He also explained to the audience why he accepted Eddy's invitation to be his running mate as BNP deputy Chairman of the party in this leadership election.

There were short follow up speeches presented by other people attending the road show, one from Liverpool's own Antony Ward which received a warm round of applause from the audience. Eddy Butler then gave his speech and his reasons and thoughts, just as Nick Cass did, why we urgently need change in the BNP leadership. After the speech there was a short break which then moved onto a question and answer session with many questions answered by Eddy Butler to his supporters and a minority of Nick Griffin supporters (in comparison are banning Eddy Butler supporters from BNP meetings) who in the spirit of democracy also turned up.

All in all a fantastic night had by all and new friends made with our BNP brothers in Yorkshire. There will be a YouTube video of the night which we will upload to this Merseyside BNP blog as soon as it becomes available.