Saturday, 14 March 2009

Labour thugs attack BNP activists then on the following day a Labour councillor racially abuses Welsh BNP member!

The ultra-successful Battle for Britain road show hit Wigan last night raising an amazing £2,200 for the Euro election fund despite a violent attack on BNP members elsewhere in the area by Labour-Party supporting thugs and police harassment which saw three venues threatened into closing.

The evening itself went off without a hitch thanks to the superior organisational ability of the road show team. The standing room only crowd of well over one hundred people were treated to speeches, a film, re-enactors and a sound and light show which left not a dry eye in the house.

Earlier, the Labour Party Stasi, also known as the Greater Manchester Police, sent officers to no less than three venues the BNP had lined up to host the road show. In an act which was completely illegal, and which will be the subject of court action, the Stasi told the venue owners that if they dared host the road show, the police would withdraw their licences.

This blatant interference in the democratic process by the police was witnessed in person by a member of the road show crew, and the BNP leadership will be pursuing these criminal actions by the police in the courts. As BNP leader Nick Griffin told the crowd last night: “It is the job of police to stop burglars, not to prevent political parties from holding meetings.

“When we win seats in the European Parliament and are part of the ruling body of the Northwest, we are going to make sure that the police understand this very clearly. We pay their salaries, and they are our servants, not that of Gordon Brown and his Labour Party organised and supported communist thugs,” Mr Griffin said to wild applause.

Earlier, the famous Liverpool BNP A-frame trailer and Land Rover was attacked by a group of around 30 Labour Party supporting thugs at one of the alternative venues. The Land Rover had every window and light smashed out, and every panel of the vehicle dented.

tony-wardThe A-frame itself was overturned and the skins damaged. When the BNP members got out of the vehicle to defend themselves, they were violently attacked by the racially mixed group of Labour Party thugs. Liverpool activist Tony Ward was stuck twice by a claw hammer wielded by a black thug. He was hit once in the eye and once on the head.

Mr Ward was knocked unconscious and picked up by fellow BNP activist Andrew Tierney, who dragged him to safety. Mr Ward was later removed by a third BNP man in his vehicle.

The A-frame was righted, and the BNP men left the scene. During this violent assault, the police were nowhere to be seen — they were far too busy visiting the next venue where they thought the BNP was holding the road show so they could intimidate that owner as well.

Mr Ward received eleven stitches later in hospital.

“If the Labour Party thinks they can break us with their street thugs, they are wrong,” Mr Ward told BNP News. “We are back, stronger than ever before, and we will not stop until we have rescued this country from the immigration invasion and Islamification nightmare to which the Tories and Labour have subjected us.”

National Media cover story:


Following on from the scenes from Last night Liverpool British National Party did not go into hiding but took ourselves into the public and set up in Huyton shopping area. This time the BNP team were highlighting a video which has been produced by Lee Henry to brainwash school children. In this video the TV production team brought in a burnt out car and wrote 'Nigger' on a wall, this is all in an effort to try and make Huyton and the residents look like racists and thugs.

In the middle of the shopping area Arthur Kemp was planned to make a PUBLIC speech, however a Labour councillor was quick to the scene with the police who informed us that they were not going to allow Arthur to make his speech.

After a few discussions the BNP team had finished putting out leaflets and were planning to leave the scene, but as we were informing the police the Labour councillor heard that our member was Welsh (despite living in Liverpool from childhood and being British) and shouted at him infront of the police officer "You are Welsh, you shouldn't be here!" Despite the Police officer being there and witnessing that racist comment he refused to arrest the Labour councillor and our members had to go to the police station and lodge a complaint while the scrawny vile Labour creature left the scene.


  1. If the police are trying to close down the bnp, then why were they so friendly in allowing the bnp to have a demo planned for 14 March? Infact, they even postponed a major league football match.

    Joe Owens

  2. Maybe because there were plans to have our people attacked? We are well aware that a certain scar face had hired a Manchester 'gang' to come and attack our people. These lefties were also mobilised and ready for violence last night coming 'armed'.
    The police knew what they was doing and weren't trying to help us at all.

  3. Merseyside Chief constable Bernard Hogan Howe will be on the Pete Price phone in on Monday might from 10. It might be worthwhile someone questioning the begaviour of his officers regarding stifling the BNP. You would have to make up a fake question to get past Petes producer of course,

  4. Hello Liverpool. Sorry to read about our kinsman being injured.

    Being Welsh I have a good sense of humour - you need one but they created the rules so use them back at them.

    Scousers and Taffs make great companions on a night out.

  5. I reckon the police should check the phone records of a certain Communist criminal prick who lives on the Wirral. There may have been some incriminating phone calls made by this parasite at the time of the attack.



  7. Did the negro gang have liverpool accents when they carried out the attack on our boys in Leigh.

  8. The following is a letter that I consider to be an incitement to violence on the part of Stephen Hall, a member of the Moslem controlled Respect Party that was posted on the LabourNet site as a call to arms.

    It was a call to arms, that led to an attack on a legal political party and the attempted murder and hospitalization of British National Party activist Tony Ward.

    Report by Stephen Hall
    Published: 12/03/09


    In the last few minutes I have been informed by Peter Franzen leader of the Community Action Party in Wigan, based on information provided to him by a prominent member of the SWP in Wigan, that BNP leader Nick Griffin is planning on speaking at a BNP Rally/Public Meeting at the Pure Night Club, Bridgewater Street, Leigh this Friday (13th March) at 7.30pm.

    As a former Leigh TUC President, and a prominent socialist activist of over thirty years in the town, I am issuing an urgent appeal to every anti-fascist living within the North West to mobilise to stop this event from taking place, and to come and help us kick Nick Griffin and his nazi scum-bag mates out of of our town.

    We've no idea how long this meeting has been planned, and how many BNP thugs he'll be bringing along, indeed for all we know it could be a regional or even national mobilisation for the BNP, so everyone will really need to pull out the stops given the extremely short notice, and help to try and build for the largest possible turnout of anti-fascists if we're at all going to have a chance of stopping the event from taking place.

    Anti-fascist forces are being asked to assemble at the Ellesmere pub on St.Helens Road in Leigh at 6.30pm (opposite Bridgewater Street).

    Please publicise far and wide.

    I will send further updates as soon as I know any more.

    Stephen Hall

  9. Here is the guy who organised the trouble

    Stephen Hall, 12 Somerset Road, Atherton, M46 9PG. Tel: 07724 139




    Top cop paraded an illegal immigrant around Commons
    Suspended senior Met officer employed bogus asylum seeker

    RACE row cop Ali Dizaei employed an illegal immigrant as his right hand man and took him to the heart of the British establishment.

    Today we can reveal how, in an incredible security breach, Metropolitan Police Commander Dizaei:

    TWICE took the man to the HOUSE OF COMMONS.
    ALLOWED him to meet former HOME SECRETARY John Reid and mingle with other ministers.
    INVITED him into SCOTLAND YARD where he met top brass.
    Iranian Ace Bakhtyari was subsequently jailed for having a fake passport and deported.

    We tracked him to his home country’s border with Turkey where he told us how he lived the high-life with Dizaei after arriving in Britain on the back of a lorry in 2004.

    Chillingly, he told us: “Nobody bothered to check me when I went to the Commons because I was with Dizaei.

    “I could have smuggled in a bomb and blown the place up if I’d wanted.

    COMMONS DO: Ali Dizaei, left, with MP Keith Vaz and top cop Tarique Ghaffur
    “Instead I was in there laughing to myself as I chatted to the Home Secretary and all the big policemen whose job it was to arrest and deport people like me.”

    Dizaei claims he did not knowingly employ an illegal immigrant.

    But a source said: “At best it shows that Dizaei was naive to have a man like Ace by his side for over a year.

    “For such a senior ranking Met officer to be associating with a criminal is simply unbelievable. He should have realised that Ace was a bogus asylum seeker long before he was arrested.”

    NOT SO SHY: Dizaei's wife poses for Ace in hat
    Dizaei was suspended by the Met last September and is currently being investigated for alleged misconduct.

    It is alleged that he advised a defence team run by now-suspended solicitor Shahrokh Mires- kandari on how to undermine a criminal case brought by Dizaei’s employers.

    The top cop strongly denies the allegations and has accused the force of racism, but our revelations today will add to the controversy surrounding his high-flying career.

    Ace told us: “I went everywhere with Ali, I even stayed in his house with him and his wife.

    “I did everything from odd jobs, gardening and building work to his weekly shopping”.

    Ace, a professional photographer, paid an agent around £7,000 to get into Britain from his home in Tehran.

    His plea for political asylum was turned down and he faced being deported.

    “In London I was introduced to Ali Dizaei by a mutual friend because he wanted a cheap photographer to take pictures for his wedding to his second wife Shy.”

    BELLY LAUGHS: Dizaei enjoying a night out
    Ace was offered £600 cash by Dizaei to take the wedding pics.

    “His previous quote was around £1,500 so he was getting a good deal,” said Ace.

    “At the wedding I was introduced to Shahrokh Mirekandari by Dizaei. Shahrokh said my case was difficult but he would help me. But first he wanted me take some photos for him too,” said Ace.

    He was asked to photograph the lavish Christmas party of Mireskandari’s firm Dean and Dean at the Hilton on Park Lane.

    The event was attended by a host of politicians, top legal figures and senior police officers. Those who made speeches at the event included Keith Vaz MP.

    COMMONS: Ace meets John Reid
    “I soon became very close to Dizaei and his wife Shy. I was basically a gofer.

    “I looked after his home when he went on honeymoon to Spain. He asked me to fit a new window and put an extra lock on his door while he was away.

    “He would pay me cash in hand, a few hundred quid a time. But he really trusted me, even giving me his credit card to order furniture for him. I often stayed at his house sleeping downstairs while he and his wife slept upstairs.”

    Ace did odd jobs at all three of Dizaei’s homes, in Acton, Chiswick and in Henley On Thames, where his first wife Natalie lives.

    On November 14 2007 Dizaei, who is president of the National Black Police Association, rewarded Ace with a trip to the Commons, where Keith Vaz was hosting a party to honour newly- elected association members.

    “I couldn’t believe how I was ushered past all the security measures simply because I was with Dizaei. “Not many illegal immigrants can claim to have partied at the House of Commons, but I managed it twice!”

    The second occasion was on February 21 last year at a function again hosted by Keith Vaz to dish out awards to Asian figures in politics and public life. They were presented by John Reid, who had resigned as Home Secretary seven months earlier.

    PALS: Ace, right, with Dizaei
    At the do, Ace mingled with ministers and top cops including Asst Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur and Lord Nazir Ahmed.

    “I was getting used to mixing with all these top people and nobody batted an eyelid when they saw me,” said Ace.

    Ace accompanied Dizaei to several parties, including one where scores of police officers gathered to celebrate his appointment as a Commander on £90,000 a year.

    But in May 2008 Ace was caught in a random stop and search. Police found Ace had a fake French passport and was carrying Dizaei’s credit card.

    He was jailed for 15 months and deported back to Iran.

    “Life with Dizaei really was life in the fast lane. He liked to eat, drink and party in the company of rich and powerful people,” said Ace.

    “He was also surrounded by some very beautiful women, and I often went with him to posh dinners and belly dancing nights,” said Ace.

    In a phone call on Thursday Shy spoke sympathetically to Ace about his plight.

    She said that Dizaei had told police colleagues he had given Ace his permission to use the credit card.

    “Ali had said that I authorised him. That was nothing, yes,” wife Shy told Ace.

    A spokesman for Ali Dizaei said: “He has never knowingly hired an illegal immigrant to do any work for him. Furthermore, he has not at any time knowingly had any illegal immigrant living with him in his house.”'

    Chief's scandal rocked career
    ALI Dizaei’s rise to become Britain’s most senior Asian cop has been dogged by controversy.

    Not long after joining the Met in 1999, he faced claims of corruption, using drugs and prostitutes, and spying for Iran – all allegations were later dropped.

    Then Met chief Sir Ian Blair later apologised for the inquiry, which cost the taxpayer £2.2million.

    In 2003 Dizaei was cleared of perverting justice, misconduct in public office and making false expense claims.

    He is currently suspended again facing THREE separate corruption and misconduct probes.

    Dizaei denies all the allegations and has launched a racial discrimination claim against the Met.

  12. Minister beaten after clashing with Muslims on his TV show
    A Christian minister who has had heated arguments with Muslims on his TV Gospel show has been brutally attacked by three men who ripped off his cross and warned: ‘If you go back to the studio, we’ll break your legs.’
    The Reverend Noble Samuel was driving to the studio when a car pulled over in front of him. A man got out and came over to ask him directions in Urdu.
    Mr Samuel, based at Heston United Reformed Church, West London, said: ‘He put his hand into my window, which was half open, and grabbed my hair and opened the door.
    Frightened: TV minister Noble Samuel
    He started slapping my face and punching my neck. He was trying to smash my head on the steering wheel.
    Then he grabbed my cross and pulled it off and it fell on the floor. He was swearing. The other two men came from the car and took my laptop and Bible.’
    The Metropolitan Police are treating it as a ‘faith hate’ assault and are hunting three Asian men.
    In spite of the attack, Mr Samuel went ahead with his hour-long live Asian Gospel Show on the Venus satellite channel from studios in Wembley, North London. During the show the Muslim station owner Tahir Ali came on air to condemn the attack.
    Pakistan-born Mr Samuel, 48, who was educated by Christian missionaries and moved to Britain 15 years ago, said that over the past few weeks he has received phone-in calls from people identifying themselves as Muslims who challenged his views.
    ‘They were having an argument with me,’ he said. ‘They were very aggressive in saying they did not agree with me. I said those are your views and these are my views.’
    He said that he, his wife Louisa, 48, and his son Naveed, 19, now fear for their safety, and police have given them panic alarms. ‘I am frightened and depressed,’ he said. ‘My show is not confrontational.


  13. The BNP was in Huyton? it would have been appreciated to have been informed of this so i could of come along and helped out.

    member huyton.

  14. Bad move putting Tony Wards photo on website. It's an advertisement why you shouldn't join the bnp. Also, reds will forever use photo to scare future members.

    Joe Owens

  15. Just heard from a reliable source it was bnp who drove down to confront the reds in Ellesmere public house. Bnp then got a hiding.

    Joe Owens

  16. Either the bnp are agianst confrontation or their not. So why go down the boozer to film the reds?

  17. Towards A Higher Man said...
    If the police are trying to close down the bnp......

    Mrs Purple Aki.

  18. Towards A Higher Man said...
    Just heard from a reliable source ..

    Joey go for a walk in an English Rose Garden and report back when you hear a field mouse fart, that could be as reliable as your bowel motions. On that very subject ring Pete Price show Monday Night and give Bernard Hogan-Howe a big bucket full of your Numbers 2's.

  19. Knock, knock: it’s the council bin snoops
    Householders face 're-education' visits for producing too much rubbish after microchipping of two million binsSteven Swinford
    HOUSEHOLDERS are facing “re-education” home visits for producing too much rubbish after figures released under freedom of information laws revealed that councils have quietly microchipped 2m bins.

    The chips can be used to record the amount of rubbish families are throwing away. Those recycling too little will be sent warning leaflets, then visited by council officials who will advise on cutting waste.

    Details of the scheme resurrect the long-term prospect of a pay-as-you-throw bin tax, which many thought had died when councils failed to take part in government trials.




    Saturday, 14 March 2009
    Security Firm Lands MoD Job Three months After John Reid Joins as a Consultant

    'Former Defence Secretary John Reid faced fierce criticism yesterday as it emerged the world's largest security firm had won a huge contract from the Ministry of Defence weeks after taking him on as a consultant. Mr Reid - who ran the MoD until May 2006 before resigning from the Cabinet while Home Secretary in June 2007 - was hired by G4S three months ago for 50,000 pounds a year to offer 'strategic advice'.

    This week, it was awarded a four-year contract to supply private security guards for around 200 MoD and military sites across Britain in a deal thought to be worth tens of millions of pounds.'



  24. To attempt to silence a man is to pay him homage, for it is an acknowledgement that his arguments are both impossible to answer and impossible to ignore." —JBR Yant

  25. the bnp went down to direct any one looking for the new venue!Regardless! people haver the rite to none violent political expression in a democracy! The liebour party thugs not (Negros) bad word! attacked just like mugabies mob in zimbabwe! they are a political private army! the police are no longer none political but are as much a criminal org: as searchlight! being used against the only opposition to the lies deceit and thefy by the most corrupt and pernicious -vile gov;in our history!The BNP have not used violence! one or two nut cases yes! but not the party! Blaor is guilty! brown is guilty?martin Straw/blairs/blunket-mandelson all are guity of corruption murder theft!THey hate and treat with contempt the white working british man!I support the BNP because they are the only real opposition to the tyrany

  26. Keith Vaz and the damning letter: How senior Labour MP 'abused his position' to help crooked lawyer in court
    Damning evidence of how senior Labour MP Keith Vaz intervened in a court case on behalf of a crooked friend can be revealed today. Keith Vaz wrote to a High Court judge trying to halt proceedings against a firm which had lavished hospitality on him and his family. Astonishingly, he signed it in his official capacity as chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, which has a key role in law-and-order issues.

  27. Robberies, sex attacks and drug offences have soared under Labour
    Robbery, drug offences and sex attacks by children have rocketed since Labour came to power, alarming figures reveal.
    An analysis of the types of crime being committed by ten to 17-year-olds show rises of up to 140 per cent in some categories since 1997

  28. Sandwich box Stasi: Parents' fury over school which inspects lunches and confiscates junk food!!

  29. Towards A Higher Man said...
    If the police are trying to close down the bnp......

    Mrs Purple Aki.

    Your no doubt one of the police snitches in Liverpool bnp. Peter Molloy being one of them and the other I will reserve judgment for now.

    Joe Owens

  30. And the next time anyone wants to go and kick some reds heads in give me a shout and I’ll show you how it's done. However, all the bnp lads involved are truly brave lads and I salute you.

    Joe Owens

  31. Joey you could not have done much against 30/40 screaming heinz variaties although I am sure you would have done your best. One more point remember your hero he said"Never adopt defeated emblems" if you get my drift!!

  32. TOWARDS A HIGHER MAN said...

    Your no doubt one of the police snitches in Liverpool bnp. Peter
    Molloy being one

    These are serious allegations that you make Joey, they must be resolved with the proof quickly by yourself, or does Purple Aki have to be sent around to you to squeeze it out of you!!!!!

    From Mrs P. Aki


  34. It's plain to see by anyone with half brain what snitch Molloy is up to. He picked the tri - colour for Liverpool bnp flag; he picked 14 March to coincide with Everton stoke game, and he fucked F4J up in Liverpool. Griffin has been alerted to this but has done nothing about it. Though I still have a text from him agreeing Molloy working for Special Branch. And don’t wait for purple aki to come round do it yourself hardcase.

    Joe Owens

  35. Joey you could not have done much against 30/40 screaming heinz variaties although I am sure you would have done your best. One more point remember your hero he said"Never adopt defeated emblems" if you get my drift!!

    Yes i'm sure your right. However i would not have got myself into that silly mess in the first place.

    "Never adopt defeated emblems"

    I'm an Unrepentent Nazi and don't give a fuck. But i do see your point.


    Joe Owens

  36. Towards A Higher Man said...
    And the next time anyone wants to go and kick some reds heads in give me a shout and I’ll show you how it's done. However, all the bnp lads involved are truly brave lads and I salute you.

    Joe Owens

    This is the first sensible thing you have said Joe. You comments about Peter Molloy are rubbish though.

  37. We are going to have to call Joe "politically correct Joe Owens" from now on.

    Word has it that there was 200 new BNP applications processed after the Tony Ward attack. This is yet another one Joe has got wrong.

  38. Molloy is a grass. End of. Don't tell me you believe that spin from the bnp about 200 applications. Yes, but seeing Tony's face on Tv will put a lot more off from joining and voting on June 4.

  39. The tricolour irish flag wasn't an issue until someone posted a thread about on SF.

  40. Yes, but I noticed it before that. The public on the street would not have liked it given Liverpool’s sectarian past. Molloy picked it to cause division. Just like he picked the 14 March to piss Everton fans off. Also, it gave the left time to organise a demo against the bnp for that day. This would not have looked good for a party fighting a Euro election, would it? Molloy get's a letter published in the echo, and has a daubing where he’s standing in the election. This was to fool all the daffties in nationalism he's a super nationalist. But he’s really a police informer. Like he was when he joined F4J.

    Joe Owens

  41. "Yes, but I noticed it before that. The public on the street would not have liked it given Liverpool’s sectarian past. Molloy picked it to cause division. Just like he picked the 14 March to piss Everton fans off. Also, it gave the left time to organise a demo against the bnp for that day. This would not have looked good for a party fighting a Euro election, would it? Molloy get's a letter published in the echo, and has a daubing where he’s standing in the election. This was to fool all the daffties in nationalism he's a super nationalist. But he’s really a police informer. Like he was when he joined F4J."
    This is just your theory you have no evidence to back it up.

  42. The Titanic2 the BNP and the loony left
    The labour party invite all on to the titanic to be enriched! The Muslims choose their own ship as the titanic has pet dogs! And serves pork1the Muslim ship is slower and better crewed! After sailing for a few days the BNP look out shout’s icebergs in the water be warned! The captain a Mr Brown says don’t worry we wont drown this ship is unsinkable!
    The loonies say with hatred Stop scare mongering you nazi scum!

    2 hrs later an iceberg rips the side out of the ship,

    With panic stricken faces the crew jump ship and are first in the lifeboat! The loony’s searchlight uaf are running around like headless chickens blaming the BNP! You nazi scum you did this! Was the cry?
    We only have one life boat left they wail! Pushing the women and children aside the loonies rush for the lifeboat!
    Quickly filling it they push off leaving the rest to drown! Family and friends deserted!
    A quick thinking BNP man organises a raft to be assembled made of wood and life jackets it proves a success and saves many lives!
    The lifeboat of the loonies bobs up and down! In the shark infested waters when one spots water seeping in! He cries we have a leak! Who has a cork!! Stop scare mongering you fascist pig they throw him over board. As the water begins to rise the cowardly loonies dare not say a thing! The shark’s circle eager to eat! One hour later a loony plucks up courage she says I think we got it wrong! You racist fascist scum they cried with that the boat capsized! Just about then the Muslim ship went by! Allah be praised god has saved us Britain bound without a sound to the new caliphate of the peaceful

  43. Towards A Higher Man said...
    Yes, but I noticed it before that. The public on the street would not have liked it given Liverpool’s sectarian past....

    Anybody who still believes in religion is not worth having in the party anyway. The empty churches and their money making liberal homosexuals in silly dresses have broken the last taboo by becoming political. As a practicing Ju Ju Man and supporter of de party I curse dem assholes in their concrete wigwams. Tricolour flags is for de white folk who is being invaded in de land of de leprechans and are in da same boat as us folks.
    Undercover security officer and super bouncer. Mr Purple Aki.

  44. Towards A Higher Man said...
    And the next time anyone wants to go and kick some reds heads in give me a shout....

    This is very kind and thoughtful of you Joey. I would never be able to sleep at night if any harm ever came to an elderly gentlemen like yourself. But do not despair we have guaranteed support from a real hardcase Andy McFuck and his brothers The Tinsel Twins also Purple Aki and The Truely Dreads. They are on the job doing deep penetration and undercover work, plus a powerfull curse has been cast upon the evil Searchlight UAF by Purple Aki's Great Aunt Purple Rosa Parker who is a powerful witch well versed in black magic.

    Mrs P. Aki Chairperson NO NONSENSE WITH NOUNCES Advisory Committee.

  45. Peter Molloy, of Liverpool bnp, is working for the security services. I informed Griffin about this after Molloy tried to sabotage the Everton v Stoke game, and have fans turn against the bnp. He was also responsible for putting a tri - colour emblem on Liverpool bnp flag. Given Liverpool’s sectarian past this was a very silly thing to do. The article below shows he’s a disruptive agent of the state.

    Fathers' rights campaign splits over Santa suits
    Sep 21 2004

    By Mark Hookham, Daily Post

    Two leading members of the organisation's Liverpool branch claim they have been kicked out after furious disagreements with the London-based founders of Fathers 4 Justice.

    Former Liverpool co-ordinator Peter Molloy and treasurer Dave Humphrey claim they have been told they are no longer official F4J members.

    F4J last night said only Mr Molloy has been been expelled. And the new Liverpool co-ordinator of the group insisted that Mr Humprey was still a member and rubbished claims the row was over the defendants refusal to dress up as Santa.

    But Mr Humphrey, 31, from Crosby, says he was asked to leave because he refused to dress up as Father Christmas at a trial at Liverpool Crown Court next Tuesday, where he will stand accused of causing public nuisance.

    Mr Humphrey, Mr Molloy and three other men were arrested after a protest last year held on a footbridge over the Strand in Liverpool. He said: "They said to me 'are you going to wear your Santa suit' for the trial and I told them 'you've got to be joking'.

    "They then said they were kicking me out of the organisation. I couldn't believe it.

    "Our barristers told us not to wear the Santa suits and we agreed."

    Mr Humphrey said he has pleaded with former Fathers 4 Justice colleagues not to hold any protests outside the court during their trial.

    He added: "We are distancing ourselves from F4J because Matt O'Connor (F4J founder) has let us down and failed to support us and he is risking us getting into further trouble. I just hope they don't plan anything stupid."

    Peter Molloy, 33, from Childwall claims the London based hierarchy were enraged when he organised a "march for justice" between Liverpool and London in August without their approval.

    He also claims he was thrown out of the group when he "asked too many questions" about the organisation's finances.

    He added: "This was supposed to be about access to our children and not personality clashes. I was booted out because I was asking awkward questions about the way F4J is run. People were trying to discredit our march."

    Gary Birch, a national F4J, spokesman, last night insisted Mr Humphrey had not been thrown out of the group. He declined to say why Mr Molloy had been asked to leave.

    He said: "Like any organisation, Fathers 4 Justice has disciplinary procedures and a disciplinary process.

    "In very rare instances, that can involve a member leaving or having membership terminated.

    "I can only think of two or three instances since the organisation began where that has happened.

    "I can say that he (David Humphrey) was not expelled."

    Keith Harford, Liverpool co-ordinator of F4J said: "Mr Humphrey has never ever been expelled from Fathers for Justice."

    He added that it was "absolute rubbish" that a dispute had erupted over whether they should wear Santa suits before court.

    Next month Mr Molloy is meeting campaigners who have left Yorkshire F4J branch. They will discuss whether to establish a break-away fathers' rights group.

    DAVID Humphrey, 31, of Manor Road, Crosby; Stuart Fisher, 38, of Dingle Lane, Dingle; Gary Newell, 44 of Appleyards Lane, Chester; Graham Wilson, 45, of Grosvenor Road, Wallasey; and Peter Molloy, 33, of Hartsbourne Avenue, Childwall will appear on trial on September 28 accused of public nuisance

  46. Game up for Molloy.

    Liverpool BNP Organiser, Peter Molloy said:

    "We've been highlighted on a BNP website which is not the sort of publicity we want to attract and we have contacted the police about it, as that's not what we're about."

  47. Hello everyone and Liverpool fans

    From all Leeds fans Respect to the 96, Liverpool fans who lost their lives 20 years ago. RIP

    From the Geldard End (The Leeds Kop)

    Thanks, Stevo

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