Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Muslim PC sues after workmates 'laughed at his beard'

A Muslim police officer claims he was forced out of his job by colleagues who made fun of his beard and called him a 'f***ing Paki'.
PC Javid Iqbal, 38, said white officers openly discussed in front of him how they were ' better' than their ethnic-minority colleagues.
The married father of two also claims officers pulled faces at each other if told they had to go out on patrol with him and forced him to walk home from a job instead of picking him up.


Awww come on. With that beard he would not have been out of work just before christmas at least. He would have just had to dye it white and away you go.

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  1. A Muslim police officer claims he was forced out of his job by colleagues who made fun of his beard.....

    Like most right thinking Britains who can be traced back for generations who fought to preserve this country's heritage and western civilization, we have allowed aliens with dual loyalties to instigate and make laws against the indeginous white Britains.
    Take the Asian PC Javed Iqbal with the beard who like so many of his fellow Asians is being encouraged to look for easy money at the tax payers expense and intimidating white Britains. one wonders did he get in on positive discrimination or merit.
    I will vote for any party who will ship him and his family back to their place of origin, I dont care if they are born here they are not the indigenous people. The white British traitors who have had even the smallest part of the rapeing of our heritage I would advocate hanging them and their families as a punishment and deterrant for treason. This is not as extreme as what these aliens have been doing intimidating, threatening, looting and destroyng our culture.
    Not satisfied with one load of offensive nonsense today we have another Asian maniac allegedly born here taking the preverbial piss Sajed Suleman who is suing the MI5 for £365,000 for not allowing him to become a James Bond although he is in receipt of full mobility and attendance allowance. I would have no qualms whatsoever in sending him to Pakistan with a begging bowl.
    What an ungrateful shower of aliens that LabLibCon have prostituted themselves for, at our expense for a vote. They may be LabLibcon's brother but they sure aint mine!!!!!

  2. these muslims no the ropes! 2030 they say britain will be an islamic state! I am doing a good line in burkhs! red .black or blue/whips 4 and 9 tails /vails!black or white long shirts! long tailed shirts and round hate! get one while on offer!

  3. "I dont care if they are born here they are not the indigenous people."

    So , exactly, who are the indigenous people?

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_ygCc9qlWM&eurl=


    BROODING: Brown has increased state control

    THE socialist nightmare has truly arrived.

    The nation has been taken into custody by the state.

  6. Brown's Britain represents a failed COMMUNIST regime


    The article hits nail on head, except regarding, " that has never happened before in any democratic country". Everyone seems to be unable to grasp the fact that we don't have Sovereignty over anything at all.

    We have not been a Democracy since Bliar & Brown signed away our rights to the Communist EU. We had Freedom of Speech and Sovereignty over our own laws and people. No longer and it has been quietly done.

    We must firstly take back our Parliament and chuck out ALL its present incumbents, whatever their "political" beliefs because they have sat back and taken the money in return for allowing us to be handed to the EU. They should hang their heads in shame for what they have done to us all.

  8. 8,000 patients malnourished after staying in NHS hospitals Essential care: Nurses claim they are too busy to help patients eat
    More than 8,000 patients left hospital last year after becoming malnourished while under NHS care.
    Despite ministers' promises, this total was a 16.5 per cent increase on the previous year - and more than double the number when Labour came to power.


    BACKLOG: Britain is home to three-quarters of a million immigrants
    Tuesday March 10,2009
    BRITAIN is home to three-quarters of a million illegal immigrants, a new study claims.

    The Government has refused to estimate the number of illegals it has allowed into the UK since 2005, and the Home Office’s best guess then was 430,000.

    At the rate that illegal migrants are currently being deported, it would take 34 years and cost almost £9billion to clear the backlog of those currently in the UK.

    The survey, carried out by the London School of Economics, says the total of what it describes as “irregular immigrants” and their dependants reached 725,000 in 2007.

    Two-thirds are thought to be living in London.



    NO CONTROL: Immigration to Britain has trebled in the past decade
    IMMIGRATION to Britain has trebled in the past decade because of a series of disastrous Labour policies, a watchdog claims.

    The failures on border controls, asylum and bogus marriages and the promotion of economic migration - particularly from Eastern Europe - has led to the biggest influx in British history, claims a report by MigrationWatchUK.

    Sir Andrew Green, its chairman, says Government claims that the huge number of foreigners now in Britain is the result of increased globalisation is a "smokescreen".

    Immigrants now make up 11 per cent of the population, almost double that of 1991.

    Sir Andrew said: "We have reached a point where the Government can no longer turn a blind eye to public opinion with unemployment reaching two million and heading for three million."

    In the report, How Did Immigration Get Out of Control?, he says the major increase in immigration has taken place since 1997.

    He insisted it had not come about because of "world trends", but is the result of "a series of policy errors and the deliberate promotion of economic migration."

    Last night critics said the report provided further evidence of Labour's failure on immigration.

    Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green said: "The evidence is now overwhelming that this government lost control of immigration in the early years.

  11. Over 90 Merseyside Police officers convicted of criminal offences
    Mar 11 2009 By Ian Hernon

    Merseyside Police Headquarters

    OVER 90 serving Merseyside police officers have been convicted of criminal offences.

    Figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats show that nine were dismissed but 82 were allowed to keep their jobs.

    The city-region's force refused to detail the types of crime, but elsewhere more than half were related to speeding and other offences ranged from violent assault and theft to drug possession and kerb-crawling.