Wednesday, 11 March 2009

British Islam, the vicious, wicked cult of hypocrites.

Above a photo of our brave heroes on their homecoming parade.

Everyone it now seems up and down the country apart from 99.9% of the British Muslim community are up in arms over the scenes which the country viewed yesterday. Before I vent my fury at the "Islamic vermin" who were protesting at our brave war heroes, the Royal Anglian Regiment at their homecoming parade through Luton yesterday. I want to say to the British police, start doing your **cking jobs!!

British police are turning into a national disgrace!!..They are politically correct and politically good for nothing. The police are absolutely gutless after yesterday's events. They are too busy promoting gay pride in this country instead of British pride, all with the backing of this useless spent up "lunatic Labour Party" headed by Gordon "soundbite" Brown. The police are failing us and along with this Labour Government hand in hand they are ringing the life out of the British people!

Lets get one thing straight about British Muslims, they are very selective about who they protest against. Do they protest about women's rights in Afghanistan?, human rights abuses in Saudia Arabia?, nine year old arranged marriages with British girls in Pakistan?, child suicide bombers?..Of course they don't, perish the thought they would protest about these things. Freedom and democracy are tools with which they abuse and attack us British people with. I detest these anti British protesters. Why?, because they detest us. They hate everything about being British and our way of lives.

Some of the Radio phone-ins this morning have had British Muslim's phoning in saying they support the Afghan and Iraqi resistance against the British soldiers out in these countries. Our useless Labour Prime minister Gordon Brown should round up all these traitors and send them to where their sympathies lie, because clearly British values are not for them. For all the moronic anti British Muslims out there. Put up and shut up or ship out and get out!

Roger "stinky" Phillips will have to change his Y fronts today. He had a rather bad day on his phone-in getting slaughtered trying to defend the Muslim traitors actions yesterday. He really does need to research what he's talking about as well. He started off the show stating that two Muslim protesters got arrested yesterday when in fact it was two British protesters who got arrested, protesting against the Muslim protesters!!...What a complete idiot stinky Phillips is. Radio Merseyside may have to start considering to put him out to pasture before long, he really does need to pay more attention to the facts as a professional radio presenter.

To read daily Mail article, click on ORANGE headline above.


  1. Advertising slump leaves Britain's local newspapers in crisis
    Guardian Media Group, owner of the Manchester Evening News and the Reading Evening Post, is to make 150 employees redundant in the Manchester area

    Dan Sabbagh, Media Editor
    A group of 18 local newspapers in Warwickshire and Worcestershire is at risk of closure after the family-controlled parent company became the first significant newspaper group to descend into administration.

    Chris and Pat Bullivant founded the Leamington Spa Observer in 1988 and started a free paper almost every year thereafter, spreading their business to take in Coventry, Redditch and Warwick, eventually employing 150 people.However, months after celebrating its 20th anniversary, Observer Standard Newspapers, the Bullivants’ company, went into administration on Monday. Grant Thornton, the accountant, is now in control of the business.

    Observer Standard’s failure demonstrates the crisis in Britain’s local newspapers, all of which are suffering falls in advertising of up to 40 per cent. As a publisher of free newspapers, Observer Standard depended entirely on advertising for its £9 million annual revenue and was hit hard when property advertising collapsed. Grant Thornton is seeking a buyer for the group and will publish the papers this week.

    Elsewhere, Guardian Media Group (GMG), owner of the Manchester Evening News and the Reading Evening Post, said yesterday that it would make 150 out of 800 employees redundant in Manchester and at satellite titles. More redundancies are expected to be announced today at its newspapers in Surrey and Berkshire.

    GMG, owned by the trust behind The Guardian and The Observer, expects profits at its regional newspaper division to fall 85 per cent in the year to March 31, to about £2 million. Insiders said that if no job cuts were made the local newspapers would make “substantial losses” in 2009-10.

    The group has decided not to close any of its 38 titles at this point, but Mark Dodson, the chief executive of its regional business, said: “The economic viability of local and regional newspapers is under very real and imminent threat.” He said that a “lower-cost business model” had to be found.

    Trinity Mirror, the largest regional newspaper publisher, closed 27 titles in 2008. It said that the failure of Observer Standard, which had tried to buy Trinity’s Birmingham Post, was “yet another example of why the Government needs to act swiftly and decisively to change the merger regime” to allow further market consolidation.

    The Office of Fair Trading began an inquiry into those rules yesterday, with companies in the sector believing that the “big four” regional publishers — Trinity Mirror, Johnston Press, Daily Mail and General Trust and Gannett’s Newsquest — should be allowed to consolidate to two. A final decision on the rules is expected in May when the Digital Britain review is published by the Government.

    Adrian Jeakings, the chief executive of Archant, the fifth-largest local newspaper publisher, said there was a risk of “other publishers falling into administration in the next year or so”, but added that new merger rules would only partially mitigate the financial pressure. “I think, in the end, we are going to have to tough it out,” he said

  2. I wouldn't shed any tears if our free newspaper ran out of advertising revenue, but because it's free at point of delivery, it just keeps on coming week after week.

    There's no way I'd ever pay to read the type of material it contains

    It's not just about the recession but the fact that the internet has made local printed news much less relevant. It's time that those with an interest in keeping these wasteful dinosaurs alive realsed that most people put them straight in the bin.


  3. Worst collapse in UK manufacturing in four decades
    The “horrendous” scale of Britain’s industrial recession has been laid bare by figures showing that manufacturing output is declining at the fastest rate since records began more than 40 years ago.

  4. Monday, 09 March 2009
    The BBC, with some 1,000 Common Purpose 'graduates', er, 'investigates' Common Purpose

    Whenever the BBC says it is going to 'investigate' anything to do with the global conspiracy you can always forget the 'investigate' bit and this was the case yet again with its radio 'investigation' into the sinister 'training' organisation, Common Purpose.

    The show presenter writes about 'conspiracy theorists' believing that Common Purpose wants to 'take over the world'. No they don't. They say that Common Purpose is one part of a vast web of interconnecting organisations that are creating a global Orwellian state.

    This is one listener's review of the programme:

    'A typical Biased Broadcasting Corporation event, Brian Gerrish on tape with no right of comment to what was being said. Robin Ramsey, the token 'conspiracy theorist expert' from the 'safe' Lobster Magazine, who obviously threw in the standard bullshit about conspiracy 'constructs' and who, as a fervent critic of David Icke, made sure the 'lizard' theme was introduced to discredit the whole thing.

    This, together with one of Common Purpose's trustees Andrew Cubie, a 'tame' Common purpose graduate, and investigative reporting skills of a snail, created the perfect template for the attempted debunking the whole issue. Well done BBC 'Common Purpose' graduates!'



  6. Is Gordon Brown planning military action against the British people?
    Why otherwise are Army personnel being asked if they would be prepared to 'open fire' on UK citizens during civil disturbances?

    Why otherwise are ‘special briefing sessions’ being held to ascertain whether or not members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces would fire on their own nationals?

    It may be quite usual for the Army to be placed on standby during periods of threatened unrest, but the thought of the streets of London being subject to the sorts of scenes last witnessed on the streets of Belfast is not remotely acceptable.

    But Dr Richard North has received intelligence ‘from a confidential source’ that ‘the MoD was buying up unusually large quantities of tear gas and other riot equipment’.

    Of course, ‘other riot equipment’ may be nothing more than shields and helmets. But in light of the information in the PJC Journal, it appears that Her Majesty’s Government are preparing to unleash the might of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces upon Her Majesty’s loyal subjects.

    Are we really now in a state where police authority can override parliamentary privilege; where elected politicians can be silenced by unelected peers; where freedom of speech for Christians is subsumed to the ‘rights’ of minorities; where innocent people can be subject to surveillance and detained for a month without charge; and where a ruling executive can let slip the dogs of war to kill their compatriots?

    The British Army is undeniably professional and world class. But we have seen that there are elements within it which are prepared to engage in illegal and intimidatory activity against ordinary people. It is one thing to conspire with the civil authorities to enforce false arrest; it is quite another to injure someone or end a life simply because one is obeying orders. The United Kingdom is not a war zone, and civil unrest would not constitute such.

    ‘New Labour’ continues to be the most authoritarian government in centuries: it rules with all the infallible arrogance of divine right. Ancient rights have been transgressed, traditions set aside and liberties curtailed. The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 is nothing but an ‘Enabling Act’ which gives the government the authority to declare a state of emergency – with no possibility of objective scrutiny or challenge – and thereafter rule by decree. The ‘emergency’ can be declared if there has been an incident, if an incident is occurring, or if an incident is about to occur.

    We are back in the realms of Minority Report.

    Margaret Thatcher could have deployed the Army to gun down the miners or the poll tax rioters. Tony Blair could have called them up to rid the roads of fuel protestors. And they could have done so with impunity, for there are no consequences for the abuse of these powers.

    On declaring an emergency, ministers acquire the power to make arbitrary regulations for many purposes, including ‘protecting or restoring the activities of banks or other financial institutions’ (that was prophetic) and ‘protecting or restoring activities of Parliament’. Since these regulations bypass Parliament under the Royal Prerogative, the Prime Minister has acquired absolute power to inter alia ‘give directions or orders’, ‘provide for or enable the requisition or confiscation of property’, ‘provide for or enable the destruction of property’, ‘prohibit, or enable the prohibition of, movement to or from a specified place’; and ‘prohibit, or enable the prohibition of, assemblies of specified kinds, at specified places or at specified times’.

    Reports of ‘top secret contingency plans’ to counter the threat posed by a ‘summer of discontent’ appear to have more than a grain of truth to them. And we have seen before what arises when a nation is humiliated: when it is stuck in an economic crisis, mired in recession, subject to external constraints, with unemployment soaring, protests and civil unrest.

    Political extremists arise to incite and stir with the most reasonable and engaging of themes.

    We have not heard the last of ‘British jobs for British workers’.

    And it is not only the poorly educated or ‘working class’ who are prone to such overtures. According to The Express, the Government is worried ‘that the middle classes, now struggling to cope with unemployment and repossessions, may take to the streets with the disenfranchised’. The Daily Mail also expresses concern that ‘law-abiding middle-class individuals who would never have considered joining demonstrations may now seek to vent their anger through protests this year’.

    And ‘...there have been crisis talks in Whitehall about this’.

    Cranmer bets there has.

    With ‘thousands of foreign workers exploiting British jobs market’, with concerns over immigration, with companies collapsing, with unemployment and house repossessions increasing, there is an underlying reservoir of resentment and contempt which is presently simmering but may yet boil over.

    Prime Minister, the people are angry.

    Is your solution of last resort to shoot them?

  7. House prices 'could drop another 55%' and leave Britain totally bankrupt
    House prices could slump by another 55 per cent, a respected City forecaster warns. It also predicts a deep recession lasting throughout next year and a 'very real probability' that Britain will go bankrupt

  8. Revealed: Muslim protester who branded our troops murderers is baggage handler at Luton Airport
    A member of the hardline Islamist group that staged a demonstration against British troops works as a baggage handler at Luton Airport, it has emerged.

    We have now discovered that the police officer responsible for the cancellation of the Lancashire Battle for Britain Road Show was one P.C. Liptrot from the Licencing Department at Wigan Police Station (Greater Manchester Police).

    This bullying little politically correct fascist threatened the owner of the Pure Nightclub in Leigh with the loss of his licence and a taxi contract if he allowed the event to go ahead. This threat is of course totally illegal and utterly groundless, but worried about his business and the jobs of his staff in these hard times, the club owner reluctantly agreed to cancel the event.

    Although we were able to find a last minute replacement venue, we are not going to take this lying down!

    You can help by complaining to Greater Manchester Police! Ask them to confirm that the police have no right to try to bully private businesses into breaking contracts, that the BNP is as entitled as any other political party to hold meetings and fund-raising events and that far from trying to stop such events the police in fact have a legal obligation to take steps to guarantee our right to express and impart our political views.

    Demand an investigation into and disciplinary action over P.C. Litrott's actions, and a formal apology from Wigan police to the venue owner and the BNP.

    More on PC Liptrot
    A jealous policeman abused his powers to seize CCTV footage from pubs hunting for evidence of his wife's affair with his best friend, a court heard.
    Pc Andrew Liptrot, 47, claimed that he was investigating "serious" crime before taking hours worth of film away from the bars in Chorley, Lancs.
    But he took it home, scouring the images to catch his wife Karen and his former best friend Darren Watson, together, Preston Crown Court was told.