Saturday, 28 February 2009

Why do British tax payers pay this filth their benefits?

The “Surreal Civil War” — Muslims with Midlands and Yorkshire Accents Fight for Taliban....(Headlines taken from the main BNP site).

As the sad news breaks that another three British soldiers have been killed in the Tory and Labour-supported illegal war in Afghanistan, intelligence briefings have confirmed that Muslims from Britain are fighting alongside the Taliban.

According to the briefings, at least 4000 Muslims from Britain have gone to Afghanistan via Pakistan. Their Midlands and Yorkshire accents have been detected on radio intercepts.


If it was up to me I would round up "ALL" their families and send them to Afghanistan if any of these "British Taliban" are caught killing our boys over there! We all know what's going on apart from the scum politicians who have to rely on the Islamic vote to stay in power.

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  1. I agree with everything you say.

  2. What is the gov;doing to stop this treason and murder!

  3. DNA samples from 1.1milion children held on register as Labour 'plots database by stealth' Ministers are sneaking in sweeping powers to collect and retain more DNA samples, it has been revealed
    DNA samples taken from 1.1million children are being held on an ever expanding government database.

    The figures, revealed yesterday, show that 1.09million DNA profiles of people aged under 18 were held on the database with 337,000 under 16.

    The Metropolitan Police has added the largest number of profiles to the register including 117,000 boys and 33,000 girls.

    The new figures come as it was claimed ministers are sneaking sweeping powers to collect and retain more DNA samples.
    The Tories said the Government was attempting to give itself a 'blank cheque' to store swabs and fingerprints of criminals and those cleared of wrongdoing.
    They claim Labour is trying to expand the amount of biometric data they store without subjecting the controversial plan to full Parliamentary scrutiny.
    Jacqui Smith has been forced to reassess the UK's national database after European judges said it was unlawful for police to keep the records of innocent citizens.
    Nearly one million people who were arrested for recordable offences but later acquitted or not charged hoped to have their samples deleted as a result of last December's ruling.
    The Home Secretary announced that she would publish a response to the court's decision that holding swabs indefinitely was a breach of human rights.
    The details of about 4.5million people are held on the database yet one in five - including 40,000 children - has never been charged with an offence.
    But in a letter to MPs on the committee studying the Policing and Crime Bill, Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker said he wanted to table amendments relating to DNA.
    The Tories say these would allow the Government to introduce regulations on the retention and destruction of DNA, photographs, CCTV images, fingerprints and footprints without the need for line-by-line scrutiny in Parliament.
    Instead, any measures proposed would be subject only to 'unacceptable' votes in the Commons and the Lords.
    Shadow Home Office Minister James Brokenshire said: 'It is typical of this Government that having received a judgment restricting their database state where everyone is treated as a potential suspect, they use it as an opportunity to get more powers with less powers of scrutiny.
    'The European Court said that there was a need for greater openness and accountability around the governance of DNA data and the destruction of fingerprints and samples.
    'Ministers should act on this and be transparent in what it does rather than shying away from scrutiny which would be the effect of these proposals.'
    Ms Smith has indicated that the White Paper on forensic science, to be published this year, will propose limiting the length of time that samples of those convicted of crimes are held.
    She is looking at adopting the Scottish system where the records of those acquitted of serious violent and sexual offences are retained for a maximum of five.
    She has also suggested entering jails to take samples from serious offenders in prison who were convicted before the national database was created, as well as trawling the country for swabs from those who have been released from jail.
    But critics fear she will use the proposed lack of Parliamentary scrutiny to extend the database.
    In his letter, Mr Coaker said: 'I cannot emphasise enough the importance of biometric data, DNA in particular, in the identification and detection of offenders.'
    The Home Office says the register has proved a key intelligence tool in solving 3,500 cases - including high-profile rapes and murders.
    The European Court of Human Rights ruled against the storing of biometric information of innocent people in a case brought by two British men against South Yorkshire Police.


    Exclusive: Unite chief used £399-a-night Waldorf suite despite £800,000 union house
    28th February 2009

    One of the leaders of Britain's largest trade union has enjoyed the use of a £399-a-night hotel suite within yards of his office - to save a 35-minute journey to his £800,000 grace-and-favour home.
    Derek Simpson, 64, the joint leader of Unite and a leading critic of 'fat-cat' banking bosses, has spent nights at the five-star Waldorf Hilton hotel in London, just 600 yards from his office. Mr Simpson, a close political ally of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, recently spent four nights in one of the hotel's King Hilton suites, which boast such luxurious features as a king-size bed and 'body massage jets'.
    Five-star treatment: Derek Simpson has spent nights at the Waldorf
    The union has now confirmed that Mr Simpson used the hotel, and astonishingly has justified it by claiming that staying at the Waldorf was vital to his status as a union leader. Mr Simpson's performance would be undermined if 'the union prioritised cheapness of accommodation above appropriate facilities and location'.
    A source at the Waldorf, who described Mr Simpson as a 'familiar face' around the hotel, said Unite paid £399 a night for rooms that are marketed at £504.
    The disclosure comes as members of the union, which represents many of the lowest-paid workers most affected by the economic downturn, are voting on his campaign to win re-election as leader of the Amicus half of Unite.
    The voting, which is halfway through, will conclude next week after a bitter campaign that has exposed the power battles at the heart of the newly merged union


    REVEALED: 'There was no Cabinet debate in run-up to war,' says Short as Government refuses to release minutes
    The Government is refusing to release minutes of Cabinet meetings before the Iraq War because they would reveal there was no discussion on the issue.
    Details surrounding two crucial meetings on the eve of the conflict were laid bare for the first time yesterday when former Cabinet Minister Clare Short, who was present at both, gave a full account of what happened.
    She told The Mail on Sunday the main reason for the ‘scandalous’ decision not to publish the minutes was not to protect confidential discussions about the war, but to cover up the fact there was no such discussion.
    Former Cabinet Minister Clare Short says there was NO cabinet debate in the run up to war
    At the last Cabinet meeting, no debate on the legality of the war was allowed and Tony Blair, then Prime Minister, said brusquely: ‘That’s it.’
    The official records would also put an end to claims by Gordon Brown’s supporters that, in private, he had grave doubts about the war, said Ms Short. In fact, he led the Cabinet campaign to accuse France of sabotaging British and American attempts to win United Nations support for the attack on Saddam Hussein.
    ‘It is extraordinary when you hear people like Jack Straw say that the Cabinet minutes cannot be published because you have to preserve Cabinet confidentiality and robust decision-making,’ said Ms Short, who resigned as International Development Secretary after the war.
    ‘The bitter irony is that what they are doing is concealing the fact there was no robust decision-making. The minutes will reveal there was no real Cabinet discussion about the Iraq War. That is the real scandal.’

  6. Shameless Royal Mail doubles pension cash for fat cat boss on £3m-a-year

    While hardworking Posties pensions face collapse over £9billion black hole.

  7. Pay freeze looms for millions of Britons
    Millions of private-sector workers face a pay freeze or cuts while employees in the public sector are enjoying pay rises

  8. ?

    Animal terrorist group foiled by informant dressed as a beagle
    An undercover agent tells how he infiltrated the heart of the Animal Liberation Front to sabotage attacks and glean intelligence on its leaders


  10. The guiding principle behind world events is their plan to translate their monopoly over government credit into a world monopoly of power, business, culture and religion.

    These bankers use a Hegelian dialectic to achieve their end. They created both Capitalism and Communism as thesis and antithesis. Their aim is a synthesis, combining the political and cultural tyranny of Communism with the appearance of Capitalist free markets. China or even Cuba may be the end model for the New World Order

  11. Who is Derek Simpson working for?

    Derek Simpson is joint General Secretary of the UK's giant Unite trade union. Unite has given £13.4 million to the pro-war Labour Party since Gordon Brown became Prime Minister. Simpson will be allowed to stay in his £800,000 'grace-and-favour' house until he dies. His pay package recently rose by 17 per cent. Simpson was at one time a member of the Communist Party of Britain. Derek Simpson is standing for re-election as joint leader of Unite (Feb 2009).

  12. Ideally, we should kick out all the politicians, police chiefs, judges and civil servants who support the police state.

    That means kicking out around 95% of Labour Members of Parliament.

  13. As a political tool multiculturalism has several applications. It is used to prevent a national consensus among the electorate. The confluence of divergent life views, cultures, beliefs, religions, ethnic habits, etc. insures a swirling river of discontent upon which the multiculturalist rides. It is a perfect method of ensuring that there can never in the future be accord, unity, and a common agreed upon destiny among those ruled. Multiculturalism represents a basic form of divide and conquer, to the benefit of corrupt government and its sponsors.

    Multiculturalism is likewise a financial tool used to socially and economically level a targeted population. When implemented, it becomes in fact a battle over scarce resources and shrinking economic opportunities, with government weighing in on the side of cheap labour. A continual flow of impoverished workers is insured through immigration (both legal and illegal), who by working for less compensation continually drive wages down. For the vast majority of citizens the standard of living will not increase, but rather constantly decrease.

    As a general rule:

    The amount of multiculturalism in any society is directly proportional to the corruption
    at the top of a political system and inversely proportional to national unity.

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  15. Eric the Fish said..... You have no proof of your allegations......

    What proof? What allegations? Try and be more specific about Zion as you vaguely put it.

  16. Minority groups to get extra Government help to protect them from the recession

    Ethnic minorities could receive extra help during the recession following Government fears they will be hardest hit as the economy deteriorates.
    Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell announced a controversial drive to ensure ethnic minority workers are not 'left behind'.
    He warned that employment levels amongst ethnic minorities fell by ten percentage points in the 1990s recession, more than other groups.
    Mr Purnell, announcing the initiative in a speech to Labour's Black Asian and Minority Ethnic annual general meeting in Leicester, said it was vital to ensure the mistakes of previous recessions were not repeated.
    'In the past too many were left behind in bad times. Ethnic minority workers suffered most in the Tory recessions,' he said.
    'Employment levels amongst ethnic minority workers fell by 10 percentage points in the 1990s recession - much worse than rest of the country.
    'Just think of the waste of human potential. Whole communities were abandoned, families where no one then worked for generations.'

  17. Ukip has been corrupted says Robin Page
    The UK Independence Party has been corrupted by the high life on the euro gravy train and is run as the personal fiefdom of its leader Nigel Farage, a high-profile former member has claimed.

    Robin Page on 'One Man and His Dog' . Photo: Andrew Crowley
    Robin Page, the Cambridgeshire farmer and presenter of One Man and His Dog, has resigned from Ukip amid bitter accusations of party mismanagement and a leadership cult.


    Bank of England set to pump cash into economy to avoid deflationGary Duncan, Economics Editor
    The Bank of England is set this week to begin “printing money” in a ground-breaking move that will mark its most forceful action yet to curb the slump in the economy.