Thursday, 19 February 2009


Liverpool British National Party will be in Liverpool city centre on Saturday 14th March 2009 as part of the European elections campaign, which is due to take place on June 4th 2009.

The last time the British National Party came to Liverpool in November 2008, the Party was warmly received by the majority of the people of Liverpool. On that occasion it was the Racism Cuts both Ways brochure being handed out. This brochure highlighted how white indigenous Britons were also victims of racism.

After the leaflet distribution, there will be a Service of Remembrance at the main cenotaph outside ST. George’s Hall. The Party Chairman will lay a Poppy wreath to commemorate the sacrifices made by Britain’s service personnel in both world wars. If it wasn’t for those brave men and women then Britain would have lost its sovereignty along time before this New Labour government is giving it away.


  1. The last time the British National Party came to Liverpool in November 2009.

    When was Nov 2009? Do you mean 2008?

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  7. Union targets racism
    Feb 21 2009 by Neil Hodgson, Liverpool Echo

    AN anti-fascist conference is being held in Liverpool next Friday by Unite the Union.

    The trade union is also staging a series of workshops on the day to raise awareness of the activities of the British Nationalist Party, which the union claims has leafleted the region with alleged racist material.

    Union chiefs have invited all anti-racists to the event, held at the regional TGWU Centre, Jack Jones House, Sefton Street, from 10am to 3pm. There will be a free lunch.

    Speakers include Nick Lowles from anti-racist group Searchlight and Unite union regional official Donna Bernard.

    Union chiefs say Unite has a very strong anti-racist policy.