Monday, 23 February 2009

Roger stinky Phillips shows his true colours, again!!

Well we all know by now that whatever the BNP does, on Radio Merseyside you will have the usual Labour party leftist cranks brought out of the woodwork by stinky Phillips and co to argue (forget the pun) that white is black.

As a liverpool supporter myself I could not care less what day Everton played their match, but to suggest the police could not Police both events on the same day and blame the BNP is outrageous.

The hostility shown to Peter Molloy (the media and press liaison officer for the BNP on Merseyside) by Roger Phillips whilst giving the other LibLab leftist cranks an easy ride was nothing short of a disgrace and I can see a few more complaints coming to Ofcom maybe over the bias shown by this particularly radio presenter.

There was a surprise though today. Normally when stinky Phillips has his anti BNP radio shows he normally brings out of the woodwork his anti British communist and fantasist best friend to aid his anti BNP show. It may be that the non attendance of this criminal and anti democrat is because he is currently getting investigated by the police over a blatant breach of the data protection act (which he admitted to on Radio Merseyside) concerning the details of BNP members and their children.

Democracy does not sit well with Radio Merseyside. Roger Phillips does need to change the record ( as well as his oversize Y fronts)as regards the stitch up of lefty callers who obviously like Roger Phillips have their own agenda against the BNP.


  1. An orchestrated campaign of Zionist Communist propaganda hit the airwaves today via the 'stinky' Phillips BBC radio show.

    The first shot against the BNP was fired by that champion of Zionism Louise Elman MP who represents Labour in the Wavertree constituency. She openly boasts about her strong affiliation to Searchlight, whose origins should be made aware of. The origins stem from a Zionist/Communist terrorist organisation founded by convicted Paedophilles and today openly operates as a family run charity/business by the Zionist/Communist Gerry Gable clan. Louise Elman deliberately confuses her constituents by using the campaign to free Michael Shields as a distraction from her real communist goals, which are, enslaving Britain's further into the EU. This is Treason that our children and childrens children will pay for. This should be self explanatory as she puts Israel first in all things. Strange how she advocates multiculturism for the British but is totally opposed to it for Israel. It makes one wonder whos side she would be on if there was ever a war with Israel...

    Another disturbing feature of this 'show' is if anyone rings to support the BNP they go through an interrogation by the receptionist who then does not return your call. This of course does not apply to the gaggle of old communists who are allowed to spout all manners of lies and rubbish which go unchecked and are
    infact encouraged by 'stinky' Phillips. This propaganda all contributes into making the White British people second class citizens adding to the destruction of our country.

    The BNP Spokesman did well to expose yet again 'stinky' Phillips as the bigotted Quisling he really is.

    I agree with previous correspondents regarding leafleting let us give Loiuse Elman's constituents that there is a growing opposition to her Treason.

  2. Radio merseyside make a computer note of some of the BNP supporters land line phone number's, hence no call back.


    There must have been some personal phone calls by 'stinky' Philips over the weekend to arrange his propaganda program based around his version of the BNP. Louise Elman MP and a clairvoyant to get in touch with Derrick Hatton's old goffa, Tony Mulhearn Knock 3 times if you are there Tony Ha ha ha remember him from your history books, that old Labour party infiltrator, Trotskyist come taxi driver who's mind is a closed shop ha ha ha.
    BUT someone was missing! Where was EL-GOBO Mcfadden? Was he getting a sharp suit to copy his hero that millionaire socialist Derrick Hatton? Or maybe he was just zipping it whilst an enquiry is on going about his threats of mischief live on air?

    After 'stinky' Phillips broadcast today who could deny he is deeply into the red and I dont mean debt!!!

  4. Union targets racism
    Feb 21 2009 by Neil Hodgson, Liverpool Echo

    AN anti-fascist conference is being held in Liverpool next Friday by Unite the Union.

    The trade union is also staging a series of workshops on the day to raise awareness of the activities of the British Nationalist Party, which the union claims has leafleted the region with alleged racist material.

    Union chiefs have invited all anti-racists to the event, held at the regional TGWU Centre, Jack Jones House, Sefton Street, from 10am to 3pm. There will be a free lunch.

    Speakers include Nick Lowles from anti-racist group Searchlight and Unite union regional official Donna Bernard.

    Union chiefs say Unite has a very strong anti-racist policy.

  5. Thousands of foreign workers exploiting British jobs market
    Foreign workers are taking 130 jobs a day which are not advertised to British workers,

    Figures last week showed the foreign workers' share of the jobs market has almost doubled under Labour, with 3.8 million now employed in Britain
    The number of workers taking advantage of 'intra-company transfers' has increased by almost half in four years.

    The system allows international companies to transfer their staff to the UK for supposedly limited periods of time.

    But they do not have to advertise the post in the UK first and staff can stay for up to three years, plus a possible extension of two years after which they can apply for settlement.

    Critics warned it meant companies had no incentive to hire and train British workers to fill the posts instead, deepening the row over the use of migrant labour.

    The figures will further fuel the row over foreign labour as the recession deepens and comes ahead of more damaging immigration and population statistics to be published tomorrow.

    The move also appears to contradict the recommendations of the Home Secretary, who said skilled jobs should not be given to immigrants before being advertised to British workers.

    Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, an independent group which monitors population flows, said: "This scheme is wide open to abuse and, in any case, is bound to reduce opportunities for British workers.

    "It is absurd for the Government to describe this points based scheme as 'tough'."

    Figures released to MPs showed 48,010 applications for intra-company transfers were approved in 2008, up 47 per cent on the 32,770 given the go ahead in 2004 and the equivalent of 131 arriving every day.

    Overseas employees can be transferred to the UK provided they have worked for the sponsoring company for at least six months. They are also supposed to have knowledge specific to that company but there is no requirement for the job to be advertised first in Britain.

    They can also work for up to 20 hours in supplementary employment provided it is in the same profession and do not need to demonstrate they speak English unless they want to stay longer than three years..

    In 2006, a report by the trade union, Amicus, found that three quarters of work permits issued for IT occupations in 2005 were for intra company transfers.

    Shadow work and pensions minister James Clappison, who unearthed the figures, said: "There are questions as to why there has been such a dramatic increase in the numbers in the last few years.

    "It clearly calls for an explanation."

    But Neil Carberry, head of employment policy for the CBI, said: "Those who enter the UK under these terms are usually highly skilled workers needed for very specific, short-term projects or secondments before they return home.

    "They still have to meet strict immigration requirements. While there has been an increase, the UK is a globalised economy and 48,000 is a tiny part of a labour market of 30m."

    A Government spokesman said: "Intra-company transfers are an important part of making the UK an attractive place in which to do business, and therefore keep industry and the economy moving.

    "The rules around these transfers were developed following consultation with businesses, and workers must display the appropriate level of earnings and qualifications."

    Figures last week showed the foreign workers' share of the jobs market has almost doubled under Labour, with 3.8 million now employed in Britain.

    Workers not born in Britain account for one in seven jobs after more than 1.8 million foreigners were added to the labour force over the past decade.

    The Daily Telegraph told last November how tens of thousands of immigrants are taking jobs in Britain every year without them being advertised here first.

    The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith yesterday announced plans to review whether skilled foreign workers should be restricted solely to those occupations that have labour shortages.

    The independent Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) will look to see if there is an economic case for such a move.

    As disclosed by the Daily Telegraph on Saturday, Ms Smith also announced tighter restrictions on highly skilled migrants to cut the number of workers coming each year and new requirements for employers to advertise jobs in JobCentre Plus offices before bringing in labour from outside Europe.

    The Home Secretary said: "A flexible immigration system, rather than an arbitrary cap, is better for British business and the British economy."

    However, shadow immigration minister Damian Green said: "Jacqui Smith is just tinkering around the edges of the immigration system. If she wants to control the numbers entering the country legally then should introduce a limit as a Conservative Government would. If she wants to control illegal immigration better, she should introduce a border police force. For the moment, she is just floundering in reaction to public anger."

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    When they think you can be destoyed with impunity via the Stinky Phillips propaganda show they bring on air a meek and mild Granny with one tit having to have the other removed to cancer saying saying how she was treated by a wonderful Asian doctor!! Too much information? Nah This old self confessed lifelong communist/socialist granny by the name of Olive from Huyton is there to do a repeat perfomance that she has done many times over the years on Radio Merseyside, Pete Price Talk in-show, Talk Sport Radio and more.'Stinky' Phillips was well aware of her established act, this poor old grannys there to get the sympathy vote. This would be Rosa Luxembourge whines as she praises the multi racial cess pit she has worked all her life to bring on us. Between the weak whispers of greatfullness to the Asians and Blacks for manning whats left of the the NHS without explaining what has happened to the white doctors and nurses. She then labelled the potential voter for BNP - a Nazi, facist, anti- capitalist and a Hitler lover. These are strong political overtones from a old sweet, meek mild old granny. It came as no surprise to some, they have heard this act before, not only from dear old Olive but from others on many occasions. It would not be a surprise to find out 'stinky' Phillips engineered the whole thing as he and others are familiar with her act. It is a well established con job by communists/socialists a method used by them many times to win sympathy over there opposition. 'Stinky' Phillips also said that he had no idea that Jack Straw, David Blunkett and Co. had been and probably still are Marxist's. He then accused the would be BNP voter of being a liar.
    So much for the freedom of speech!!



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  11. And I've deleted that one as well eric the fishy scumbag.

    Why dont you sue me over that as well you gobshite.


    Yes we are raging - against a Government that spies on its citizens while ignoring the crimes of greedy bankers

    Today one of Britain's most senior police officers with responsibility for public order raises the spectre of a 'summer of rage', with victims of the increasingly bitter recession taking to the streets in possibly violent protest.

    Superintendent David Hartshorn, who heads the Metropolitan police's public order branch, warned that law-abiding middle-class individuals who would never have considered joining demonstrations may now seek to vent their anger through protests this year.

    Thousands of workers demonstrated in Dublin on Saturday. Police fear the worsening economic situation will lead to mass street protests in the UK

    Many will consider such a scenario unlikely, or point out this has not been the 'British way' over the past two decades.

    Violent protests take place in Europe - in recent weeks Greek farmers have blocked roads over falling agricultural prices, a million workers in France took to the streets to demand greater protection for their jobs and wages and Icelandic demonstrators have clashed with police in Reykjavik - but not here.

    But can we really be so sure? The public's rage with the banks and the Government is growing by the day.

  13. Why is there a foreign flag on this banner and not the flag of Ulster, which is part of the UK?

  14. Communism is devoted to the concentration of all wealth in the hands of the central bankers. In theory, the wealth is "public" but in fact, the bankers own and control the State.