Sunday, 22 February 2009

City Event Postponed! - Press Release!

Press Release: Immediate Release


The Liverpool British National Party today decided to postpone their mass European election warm-up leafleting drive in the city centre, which was planned for Saturday 14th March.

Ata a political business meeting in the Park Hotel Netherton last night, local party members expressed their concern that the heavy-handed move by Liverpool Police to shift the Everton v Stoke game to Sunday 15th was a ploy by politically Correct senior officers to try to associate the party with confrontation by suggesting that the police would be unable to cope with the two events on the same day.

“Of course it’s politically motivated nonsense” Liverpool BNP Press Officer Peter Molloy told the committee meeting that made the decision. “The police know perfectly well that a few dozen local BNP activists handing out Election leaflets in the city centre and suburban shopping precincts would pose no public order challenge whatsoever. It’s clear that their real aim is to cause maximum inconvenience to Everton v Stoke fans, and to the training and match schedules of both clubs, in the hope that some people might blame us.”

“As we’re all Merseyside based we can leaflet our own city centre whenever we want, so we are calling the police bluff by postponing this activity. There is plenty of time to switch the game back to its proper date, though we would suggest as a gesture of goodwill to the fans they have messed around while trying to score political points, Liverpool police should look for a way to help the hundred Blues fans who are coming over from the Isle of Man for the game.”

The move has received wholehearted backing of Nick Griffin, lead candidate for the North West of England European Parliamentary constituency. “ I was at the last Liverpool BNP mass leaflet give- away in Church St/ Lord St and there was not a hint of trouble, so I see no reason why the police would have had any problems this time around. But postponing our activity is a small price to pay in order to show that we’re a responsible and considerate party. Britain’s membership of the EU costs the people of Liverool millions of pounds every month, but we can get our opposition to that scandal across without inconveniencing thousands of dedicated fans.”

The other candidate for the full BNP North West Euro List will be chosen following interviews by a selection panel in Manchester next weekend.


  1. Can you please put some leaflets out in the Wavertree and Dovecot area Labour have been busy there with theres I have enjoyed reading your site.

  2. Sunday, 22 February 2009
    UK Government Tells Parents: Avoid Morality in Sex Lessons

    'Parents should avoid trying to convince their teenage children of the difference between right and wrong when talking to them about sex, a new government leaflet is to advise.

    Instead, any discussion of values should be kept"light" to encourage teenagers to form their own views, according to the brochure, which one critic has called "amoral".


    Mandelson deputy disowns brother for swindling constituents in £650k

    Labour Minister Ian Pearson has disowned his brother for committing a cruel £650,000 swindle involving people who live in the MP’s constituency.
    Business Minister Mr Pearson’s younger brother Martin, 47, was jailed for four-and-a-half years last week in Dudley, West Midlands.
    Financial adviser Pearson admitted a charge of forgery and seven of theft, including taking the £226,000 life savings of a recently widowed nurse suffering from multiple sclerosis.
    Labour Minister Ian Pearson (right) has disowned his brother, Martin, for committing a cruel £650 swindle
    Yesterday it was revealed that Dudley South MP Mr Pearson, 49, who is Business Secretary Mr Mandelson’s number two, refuses to have anything to do with his brother, who used the money he stole to feed his gambling addiction.
    As well as living and working in the same town, the brothers look strikingly similar. But Mr Pearson declined to comment on his brother’s downfall, saying they ‘led very separate lives’.
    He recently urged constituents to use a new online crime map to get an up-to-date picture of offences in their area.
    Business Secretary Peter Mandelson: Mr Pearson is his deputy
    ‘I know from my regular surgeries and from letters I receive that crime and the fear of crime are a major concern for many people,’ he said.
    Wolverhampton Crown Court, sitting in Dudley, heard that Martin Pearson stole £659,944 from clients who believed it would be invested for them.
    In fact he gambled it away, mostly on horse racing. Rhiannon Jones, prosecuting, said that Pearson targeted victims who were ‘easy prey’.
    Mother-of-four Linda Raybould lost her £226,000 life savings after Pearson contacted her a few days after her husband Neil died in a car crash in 2004.

    ‘Pearson said he had always dealt with Neil’s financial planning and considered him a friend,’ said Mrs Raybould.
    Two years later, when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and decided to sort out her family’s financial future, she became suspicious and contacted police.
    ‘I rang Martin and told him I wanted my money back,’ she said. ‘He was on holiday in Cornwall with his wife and sounded nervous.
    ‘I still can’t believe he took my money knowing about my illness and that my husband had died.
    ‘I drove past his house to make sure he wasn’t living in a mansion with a Porsche on the drive.

    ‘He used to turn up at my house in an old Ford and was such an unassuming man, I’d never have believed him capable of something like this.’
    Pearson’s wife Doreen said she was amazed to discover her husband’s gambling habit. ‘He told me he had been hiding his gambling problems from his family for 30 years,’ she said.
    ‘It has been a terrible shock to me. I have been married to him for 18 years and didn’t have a clue.’
    She said the brothers had barely spoken for nearly 20 years but did not explain why.
    ‘They just don’t get in touch with each other,’ she said.

  4. Is it true the bnp (merseyside)refused to alter the date of demo when asked by police? It says this below in Gaurdian.

    Joe Owens

  5. Well the police managed to arrest 13 of us before x-mas about 30 of them took us into custody for 14hrs no trouble from us .the proof is their we don’t need policing so what is the problem! This was a remembrance service as well!

    ThIs whole Thing was just a propaganda exercise by the gov; and its lackeys

  6. Guardian Joey not Gaurdian!!!

    Joey Owens His name is synonymous with fun, is this because of his miss spelt youth Opps!! miss spent.

    Mrs Purple Aki acting Chair person of my son is not a nounce and preserve our yams association

  7. What cranks we have out today. Special Branch snitches have been exposed in Liverpool bnp, and may be you are one of them?

    Anyway, your childish behaviour will be treated with the contempt it deserves.

    Joe Owens

  8. Joey Owens His name is synonymous with fun!

    Special Branch snitches like who?

    Welcome to joey's world of paranoid personality disorder!

  9. Fears over 'summer of rage'
    Feb 23 2009

    More than a third of voters believe the Army will have to be brought in to deal with a "summer of rage" on British streets as the recession bites, a poll showed.

    The widespread fear of serious unrest was disclosed as a senior police officer warned activists were planning unrest and could find rioters easier to recruit because of the credit crunch.

    Superintendent David Hartshorn, who heads the Metropolitan Police's public order branch, said known activists were planning a return to the streets centred on April's G20 summit of world leaders in London.

    And intelligence shows they may be able to call on more "footsoldiers" than normal due to the unprecedented conditions - which have led to youth violence in Greece and mass protests elsewhere in Europe.

    YouGov polling for Prospect magazine found 37% thought such "serious social unrest in several British cities" was certain or likely - although a slim majority (51%) disagreed.

    Almost three quarters (73%) said they feared a sustained return to mass unemployment.

    And a clear majority (64%) also favoured forcing the under-25s to do a year of full-time, modestly-paid community service such as working with the sick and elderly or helping with environmental projects.

    Labour MP Frank Field told Prospect the main political parties should join forces to develop the idea. He said: "The time has come to look at this idea. A new bipartisan commission should be established to look into how it could be done, perhaps led by figures as respected as David Blunkett- SOMEONE'S HAVING A LAUGH.

  10. Joey Owens His name is synonymous with fun!

    Special Branch snitches like who?

    Welcome to joey's world of paranoid personality disorder!

    The relevant people in the bnp have been informed who they are. Without me knowing who you are I can’t say if it’s you or not. Tell me your name and I will answer you.

    Joe Owens

  11. Good news.

    Joe Owens

  12. The losers are the state who tried to get the bnp into the city centre for the riot it planned.

    Joe Owens

  13. I fear you could be right on that one joey!!

  14. Yes, I believe I am. However, it could not have been attempted without the help of its agents within the Liverpool bnp. More on this to come, soon.

    Joe Owens

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