Thursday, 19 June 2008

Killer fags flood into Liverpool!

CHINESE gangs are flooding Liverpool with cheap killer cigarettes.
Organised gangs are selling illegal cigs loaded with dangerous levels of arsenic, glass fibres and rat droppings.
The cigarettes are being sold in pubs and newsagents throughout the city.
Trading standards said the gangs are setting up cigarette “factories” in terraced houses in the Kensington area.
They are staffed by illegal immigrants who work round the clock .
In many cases up to 25 immigrants will be squeezed into a three-bedroomed terrace.
They are forced to work long hours by gang masters who put pressure on local newsagents to buy their goods – mainly fake Imperial brands and rolling tobacco.


This is disgraceful and just another reason to the ever growing list of reasons why immigration is bad for the UK. So now our people are being killed because of the incompetence of illegal immigrants who are hard to track because of our open borders to immigrants from all around the world. If we stopped all immigration and started deporting illegals and criminal immigrants then finding the illegals wouldnt be such a hard task and many lives will be saved as well as millions of tax payers pounds will be saved.

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