Sunday, 16 January 2011

The continued sad slide of Liverpool BNP.

Having been a BNP member for over eight years, I have never before witnessed the shameful and embarrassing way that the current crop of Liverpool BNP officials and members conducted themselves and the way in which they were acting at the Oldham By Election count on Thursday 13th January. I can honestly say it’s been the first time I’ve been embarrassed to wear the BNP rosette which I have worn with so much pride in the past.

The Merseyside contingency of the BNP who were there, supposedly acting as ambassadors for the BNP colours acted more like thugs, proceeded to shout abuse at other Nationalists from other Nationalist political parties who were present at the civic hall for the By Election count in Oldham.

At one point a police officer had to caution Peter and Andrew Tierney and also Andy Leary for threatening behaviour to a lone English Democrat Nationalist, who whatever one’s views and opinions of that Party is a fellow Nationalist. Peter Tierney also tried to goad Paul Nuttal the UKIP Parliamentary candidate and current UKIP MEP, however he rose above the abuse and ignored Peter Tierney.

On more than one occasion the Liverpool BNP contingent were reported to the police by members of the English Democrats who were on the end of verbal abuse from the disgraceful behaviour of various members of the Liverpool BNP contingent. On another occasion a polling officer had to intervene when he witnessed the bullying and intimidation from a Liverpool BNP official and his very angry friend against another Nationalist. All this unravelled in front of Clive Jefferson who did nothing.

It would seem from the scenes I witnessed that members of Liverpool BNP were just there to confront other Nationalists and to behave in a manner which was well below acceptable and certainly well below what should be expected at such events at a Parliamentary count, more so as TV crews and reporters were present from all the major TV broadcaster channels.

Steven Greenhalgh who is a fully paid up life member of the BNP asked Clive Jefferson two simple questions which were greeted with aggression and sarcasm from him. Is this the way a leading official should act towards other BNP members? Having spoken to Steven Greenhalgh the questions he asked were, 1. When will Peter Squire get a date for his tribunal after he was expelled from the party for supporting Eddy Butlers leadership challenge against Nick Griffin last year, his appeal was lodged several months ago 2. Why has Clive Jefferson not responded to Steven Greenhalgh’s official complaint dated the 23rd November 2010 regarding Peter Tierney acting as BNP security by not allowing and refusing various BNP members, officials and activists, some of who were local and Parliamentary candidate’s entry to an official BNP meeting? No satisfactory response or answers came from Clive Jefferson, who just walked away whilst sweating profusely, maybe because the TV cameras were there.

Going back to the count it has to be said all the other BNP officials and representatives who were there were a credit to the British National Party. It was just the shameful actions of the Liverpool BNP contingent by their behaviour which needs to be questioned; also Clive Jefferson’s intransigence to a few polite questions was very disappointing.

A lot more could be said about the appalling actions from some members of Liverpool BNP the other night. It looks as if it’s a case though of the tail wagging the dog there with the Tierney’s destroying the group whilst they're current Liverpool Organiser willingly follows. why? Because Mike Whitby has to.

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