Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A day of BNP expulsion reinstatement's to the Party

It seems there is a lot of movement in the BNP at the moment concerning internal BNP Party position changes. Not only that, this sites contributors were contacted this morning and notified that Peter Stafford Jnr and Peter Squire's unjustified, illegal expulsions from the Party they had both served so admirably have been dropped and that they have both been reinstated as BNP members with immediate effect. Letters received below.

Above Peter Squires letter and below Peter Stafford Jnr's letter. CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE.

The contributors on this site have their own ideas as to why these reinstatement's have happened and after speaking to both Peter Squire and Peter Stafford this morning they also have their own views. Peter Squire goes on to state that there is nothing he would like more than to work alongside the newly appointed North West Regional Organiser Mike Whitby to take Liverpool BNP and the North West to new political heights, however in Liverpool there are too many irreparable damages and grudges that have occurred since the General Election last year.

Peter Squire further adds that Mike Whitby is a good sort, however events and hard line disruptive personalities currently working within Liverpool BNP will be intent on destroying any bridges that Mike Whitby will want and wish to repair. This being the case circumstances and situations because of "the lunatic BNP fringe faction", closely aligned too Mike Whitby, will make his job of reconciliation near nigh an impossible one with the more level headed,calm, moderate Liverpool BNP members.

This site however wishes Mike Whitby well in his endeavours as Liverpool Organiser and New BNP North West Regional Organiser.

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