Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Good riddance Brown!.... Its been a nightmare!

Three years, three years we have had to put up with him and now thank goodness he's been shown the proverbial door by the electorate. Personally speaking I would like to say its been a pleasure but in truth, Brown's time in Downing street has been a nightmare to me and a nightmare for the country. He became Prime Minister by default and goes back to Scotland one of the Labour Party's biggest losers.

Obviously the Merseyside electorate who came out in droves to support the Labour Party at the General Election thought differently to the rest of the country. The Merseyside electorate now that a Conservative Lib Dem coalition are in charge can go back to the mindset of blaming Thatcher and the Conservatives again for their woes, through unemployment, poverty, social deprivation etc, etc, etc.

As I write these words on this blog, the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post will already be blaming the banking crisis, unemployment and the state of the country on the Conservatives and do you know what, the Merseyside voters will fall for it. Never mind we have just had thirteen years of the worst most treasonous, war mongering, Labour Party government to the British people in British History.

If this has been the benchmark for future political performance that the Labour Party have set, well the next five years are going to be a breeze for the ConLib coalition. It would be impossible for ANYONE do to any worse on their watch in comparison!

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