Monday, 19 April 2010

Liverpool City Council St Georges day skinflints!!

This has to be a first this year by Liverpool City Council and how they must have hated every penny spent on this issue. We all should know that its St Georges day this Friday April 23rd. In years gone by you would have hardly have noticed, however thanks to Merseyside British National Party pushing the agenda in local Liverpool communities we may be starting to see ( and quite rightly about time) the recognition of this day of celebration for England and English people by Liverpool City Council.

I know myself that you can buy the St George's cross flag on ebay for ten pence a go if you buy in bulk, so I'm quite rightly peeved that Liverpool council find they can only have them sporadically placed along County road Walton, at every three or four lamp posts and I am being generous on that. Its a disgrace that they cannot do every lamp post, that's what Merseyside BNP say's.


Lets examine why here in County ward as well. Its well known amongst the County Ward residents that there is a bitter campaign going on between the Lib Dems and the Labour Nazi Party. The idiot Labour Party "local election" candidate, if he could, would claim the credit for Christmas if he could get away with it. As regards their "fantasist" Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate, well don't get me started on him.

What is clear is that that both the Lib Dems and the Labour Party will try to claim credit in this hotly contested local election seat for the erection of these St George's cross flags, but its because of Liverpool BNP working within the community that this is down to and both Labour and the Lib Dems know it.


Look at the true face of Liverpool city council last year on St Georges day.Liverpool Council caused outrage amongst Kirkdale residents after the council quickly tore down The St George's cross flags, that had mysteriously been erected along Stanley road and Walton road in Liverpool by British patriots, who deserved medals whoever they were.


Its time for all Liverpool residents to make a stand. You are the bosses in your different wards not the idiot councillors in Liverpool City Council. This is the time of the year they will be bending over backwards "to appear" to be working for their residents. Now is the time to say, we are proud to be English we want our flags in our area as well!

All year we spend looking after and tending to ethnic minoritiy projects in the city, now its time to celebrate our day on St Georges day this Friday. If other people get upset about it,,, well that's tough luck to them!

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