Monday, 5 April 2010

BNP Man’s Golden Wedding Anniversary Paid for by Merseyside Police

A British National Party activist in Liverpool who was illegally arrested by Labour’s Gestapo Merseyside police in the “Liverpool 13” incident has had his Golden Wedding anniversary partly covered by a four figure payout.

Alan Brindle, who was one of those arrested by the overzealous Merseyside Police while distributing a perfectly legal “Racism Cuts Both Ways” leaflet in Liverpool city centre, used the payout to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary in a tropical island setting.

“I just wanted to thank the Merseyside police for their contribution to my celebration,” Mr Brindle said.

The Liverpool 13 had been arrested under Section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986, which is the “offence of publishing or distributing racially inflammatory written material.”

The men were incarcerated for 14 hours, had their DNA taken and their homes unlawfully searched by Merseyside Police. Some of those detainees had personal items removed from their homes as ‘evidence’.

A week later, just prior to a larger distribution and demonstration event, attended by the party leadership, the Liverpool 13 were advised in hand-delivered letters that no further action would be taken against them.

Not content with that, Pete Molloy, one of the Liverpool 13, started legal action against Merseyside Police for unlawful imprisonment and trespassing.

His legal representatives informed him that he had a case, and more of the activists, including Mr Brindle, started proceedings for compensation.

Merseyside Police admitted liability and all those who sought damages were awarded compensation in the form of a four figure sum.

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