Thursday, 7 January 2010

This is MY England

Hat tip as usual to the Green Arrow. Click on the ORANGE headline above to visit 1kewldude2 YouTube site.

As regards other news a bit of a scare for that Labour Party and traitor to this Country Gormless Gordon Brown yesterday. Labour Party assassins who are weak and pathetic as usual didn't have the nerve to carry their plotting and planning to get rid of him through.

You have to hand it to Gordon he really is useless, he's got as much personality and appeal as a tortoise. Watching paint dry is more exciting than watching some of his recent TV performances, its no wonder the Labour Party cannot wait to get rid of him.

Oh well Gordon the General Election will soon be upon us and your agony will soon be over (thank goodness for us). Still as one Labour traitor exits we have another traitor coming through the door in the Conservatives David Cameron. Both of you are completely useless, both of you are appeasers to Islam and I cannot wait until the day arrives when both of your useless political Party's are replaced by the BNP in Downing Street.

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