Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Give the call and we will be there.

BNP Leaders Vow to Physically Block Islamist Wootton Bassett March

The three highest publicly elected British National Party officials, GLA member Richard Barnbrook and MEPs Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, have vowed to physically block the road in Wootton Bassett should the authorities permit the threatened Islamist march in that town to proceed.

In an official statement, the BNP announced that it would “defend Wootton Bassett and the memory of our fallen heroes. Nick Griffin MEP, Andrew Brons MEP and Richard Barnbrook AM will block the path of the Muslim fanatics.”


Indeed. This is a moment when we must not waver or show weakness against these Muslim invaders and colonisers. The LibLabCon are ALL feeble and rather pathetic, aren't they, collectively terrified of losing the ethnic vote and acting against these extremists, in failing to act. These extremist Muslim scum of the earth should be booted out of the country.

The British National Party is the only political party that is prepared to act against foreign extremism in our homelands. Any extremist Muslim that attends this march at Wootten Bassett intent in causing a racial hatred riot should be arrested, jailed, and after serving their jail sentence booted out of the country along with their immediate family.

Click on the ORANGE headline to read the full BNP article.

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