Monday, 18 May 2009

The Sun at it again but the BNP are victorious

Over the years we in the British National Party have become accustomed to being lied about, smeared and abused in the media, but the article published today in The Sun newspaper is a new low.

The article alleging the BNP issued a leaflet insulting the Gurkhas and Corporal Pun, a dead Gurkha hero, is a complete fabrication and a lie. The leaflet is not a BNP leaflet; it was never printed, published or distributed by either the BNP or Adam Walker.


Please refer to the main BNP website for the full background story. Click on the ORANGE headline above to get there.

Otherwise all of us on Merseyside already know what this rag of a newspaper is capable of and the lies it spreads. The SUN wll always be SCUM on Merseyside, end of.

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