Monday, 9 April 2012

Report of British Freedom London Meeting

In the politically correct world of mainstream British politics, there’s a common view that un-PC organisations like the British Freedom Party ought to be gagged, silenced, shut down – whatever it takes to stop us propagating our no-nonsense policies in public. That’s why so many mainstream political figures, up to and including Prime Minister David Cameron, support the likes of UAF, who are ready and willing to do the silencing for them.
That’s how our original plan for a London meeting was thwarted. But not this time, for on Saturday night in a venue in west London British Freedom held one of its most successful meetings ever.
A turnout of around 60 people including members, supporters, friends from the EDL and several new faces heard talks and presentations by Paul Weston and others, raised £200 for the party (a big thank you to everyone!), and enjoyed conversations and drinks in the bar afterwards. This, hopefully, will be the start of much more British Freedom activity in the Greater London area.
Our thanks to all those who travelled long distances in order to attend. (And apologies to Sean, who arrived a little late and was unable to get through to my mobile. I’ll buy you a pint at the next London meeting, that’s a promise!)
The British Freedom Party: Principles and Policies
Dr George Whale, National Nominating Officer
Defence Cuts and Their Effects on Britain’s Armed Forces
Mark Dunbar, Local Party Organiser for Witham, Essex
Brief Q & A
Questions from the floor about the British Freedom Party

Read the full report here:

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