Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ten Reasons to Join British Freedom

1. The British Freedom Party welcomes ALL genuine patriots, regardless of background. We don’t care if you’re rich or poor, young or old, male or female, black or white — just as long as you love Britain and want to help make it Great again.

2. We are Cultural Nationalists, in other words, we believe that culture is the glue that binds society together and that all people living here must embrace British laws, values, history, traditions and ways of life. We reject Civic Nationalism — which says that anybody just off the boat from Karachi or Gdansk and given a British passport is just as British as we are; and we reject Racial Nationalism — because race-based politics has no place in our country.

3. British Freedom condemns the bigotry, corruption, criminality and strategic stupidity that have crippled British nationalism in the past. We intend to make nationalist politics legitimate, respected and successful, as they are in many other countries.

4. We are committed to ending immigration, expelling foreign criminals, colonisers and illegal immigrants, withdrawing from the EU, and reasserting British priorities in every area of national life. These objectives are non-negotiable. Ending immigration is the first, crucial action for maintaining the indigenous majority, without which our unique national character would be lost.

5. We will put British people at the front of queues for jobs, housing, health and education; because unlike mainstream parties, we understand that Britain belongs to the British.

6. We don’t give a damn about political correctness. We will defend the freedoms that so many of our forebears gave their lives for, including freedom of speech. You can say what you think in our party.

7. Parties with much the same views and policies as us are now enjoying great success across Europe. The PVV, True Finns, Danish People’s Party and so on — they all started out small but determined, like us.

8. British Freedom’s Chairman and Executive Council are experienced nationalists with a wealth of political and life experience between them (and a good few university degrees too). The leader, Executive and party officers aren’t career politicians, but people with jobs, families, commitments and all the difficulties that go with them. We understand the problems facing this country because, like you (and unlike our ruling elite), we live with them day to day.

9. We believe in real democracy. All Executive positions will be up for grabs at the next party AGM, and we want to involve more new members in activism and decision making.

10. You can join the British Freedom Party for free as a non-voting Associate Member. We believe that nobody should have to pay to defend their country.

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